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Chris Little


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Myself in the Dominican Republic

I'm Chris, a computer scientist, a programmer, a teacher, a hockey fan, and a beer and wine enthusiast. I am never satisfied with what I currently know. I have an insatiable appetite to learn and experiment with new ways of thinking and doing things.

I recently graduated with a MSc degree in Computer Science from the graduate program at UOIT in Oshawa, Ontario. My primary work and research interests involve both photorealisitc and non-photorealistic rendering, real-time 3D graphics, ray tracing, visualization, and multi-threaded/multi-processor software development. Most recently I worked as a sessional instructor at UOIT, where I taught the Digital Media and Digital Media Production courses.

My ambition is to contribute to, and improve the state of 3D graphics, visualization and software user experience. As part of this I believe user experince across PC, mobile devices and web browsers should be equally effective for any software task. The initiatives of html5, canvas, WebGL, and the myriad of developing web and mobile technologies demand a developer that can quickly adapt to these new technologies and take advantage of a constantly changing technology landscape.


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The things I'm best at:

  • C/C++
  • HTML5/CSS/Javascript
  • Flash/AS3
  • Ray tracing and 3D rendering
  • Cross platform (E.g. SDL, Qt Framework)

The things I know quite well:

  • Java
  • Ruby, Lua
  • OpenGL, WebGL
  • Command-line, Visual Studio, Qt Creator, Eclipse
  • Git, SVN